About Us

Amazing Racing creates racehorse syndicates and partnerships for small groups of like-minded individuals, allowing you to share the costs of owning a quality racehorse. Each syndicate has no more than 10 owners per horse, all of whom own their share either as a lease or full equity stake. We have been involved in running partnerships and syndicates for over 25 years, both privately and for other commercial groups, and have an excellent track record in spotting future winners at the sales, then collaborating with trainers to ensure they are expertly placed to achieve their maximum potential.

It is worth highlighting a few things that set us apart from most racehorse ownership groups :

  • We never charge any management fees
  • We never take a cut of your prize money
  • We never take a cut of your share when the horse is sold, and
  • We do not draw a salary from the money you pay

We retain shares in every horse, we love racing as much as you do, and want to help more people to share in the experience. The fact that Amazing Racing have a stake in each horse shows that we are backing our judgement, and ensures that we have a vested interest in your horse doing well. Any profit we might make will come from the prize money we earn from our share of the horse.

Buying Future Winners

Careful horse selection is the most important first step on the way to the winner’s enclosure, and we all know of syndicates who have sadly failed to achieve any degree of success with their horses. We have been selecting horses for many years and have developed a set of criteria which we look for when at the sales. However good the pedigree looks, we also have the horse assessed in the flesh by our trainer and vet. With older horses, they must have recent winning or good placed form, and there must be a good indication that the horse is capable of repeating that level of form. All of our horses offer new owners a great chance to get into the winners' enclosure!

How Our Partnerships Work

Syndicates & Partnerships let you get involved in racing for a fraction of the usual cost, as part of a friendly and supportive group. It's an ideal way for existing owners to increase their chance of success, and spread their risk, by having shares in several horses, rather than putting all their eggs in one basket. You can make new friends, and share the costs of ownership, without the expense of buying a horse outright. Buying or leasing a share in one of our syndicates lets you “Enjoy All the Thrills, With Much Lower Bills!”

Full Equity Partnership

You purchase your share of the horse in advance and own it outright. Prize money is paid in full to owners, and at the end of the partnership term, the horse will be sold at auction to establish a fair market value. Owners will receive their full share of the sale proceeds. No future value can be guaranteed, so a racehorse should never be regarded as an investment.

Leasehold Partnership

A leasehold partnership is an ideal starting point for a new owner, as there is no need to pay an upfront fee to purchase the horse, which is leased to the partnership for a fixed 12 month term. Partners receive their share of all prize money won, and are registered as owners at the BHA for the duration of the lease, but if the horse be sold, receive no part of the sale proceeds.

Check out the Horses page for details of current syndicates.