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Syndicates have become the most popular way to get involved as racehorse owners, because you enjoy the full ownership experience at a fraction of the cost. One of the big attractions is the social side of things, meeting new people, enjoying days out as part of a select group, and enjoying privileged access to racecourse facilities for owners!


We want to help as many people as possible get involved as racehorse owners, and if you don’t want to commit a large sum up front, we often offer the chance to LEASE your racehorse share rather than having to buy it outright.

If you BUY a share, you pay the purchase price, then an all-inclusive monthly fee to cover training and racing costs. You get your share of all prize money won, and when the horse is sold, you also get your share of the sale proceeds when the horse goes to auction at the end of the syndicate term.

Please bear in mind that although we have sold horses at a significant profit in the past, buying a share should not be regarded as an investment, as no future value can be guaranteed.

If you choose to have a FREE LEASE, there are no upfront costs – you just pay the monthly fee for a fixed period, normally 12 months, which covers your share of the training and racing costs. You still receive your prize money and full owner privileges for the term of the lease, but if the horse is sold you obviously don’t get a share of the sale proceeds.

All prize money is paid in full to owners – and unlike many other syndicates, we charge no management fees, commission, or make any other deductions from your prize money!


Whether you buy or lease, you will get a guaranteed owners badge when you go racing – you won’t have to rely on “the luck of the draw” in order to get a badge which often happens with larger syndicates and clubs.

You will be able to go into the parade ring and the winners enclosure with your horse, have access to the owners and trainers bar, and receive any owners hospitality offered by the racecourse. It’s a great way to experience real racehorse ownership, for a fraction of the cost of owning a horse by yourself. You wont be lost in the crowd as part of a huge racing club, because we keep our syndicates small and manageable.

  • Small Syndicates
  • All-Inclusive Monthly Fees
  • Guaranteed Owners Badges
  • Use of exclusive Owner facilities
  • Racecourse Hospitality when it is offered
  • Entry to the parade ring and to the winners enclosure
  • Taking part in the trophy presentation
  • Stable visits
  • Share of all owners prize money
  • Share of sale proceeds (not applicable for leases)

Your ‘all inclusive’ monthly fee is fixed for the syndicate term – there will be no surprise bills. This covers ALL the normal costs associated with your horse such as:

  • Training fees
  • Jockeys fees
  • Veterinary & Blacksmith fees
  • British Horseracing Authority fees
  • Standard race entry fees *
  • Domestic transport to races *

*   Excludes Premium & Foreign Races


We provide owners with regular updates on training progress and aim to establish a good personal and professional relationship with everyone involved. Owners are free to contact us at any time (within reason) if they have any questions and we will meet periodically at the stable to discuss future plans.

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