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We always use the best available jockey when we have a runner, but we do have our favourites! We like jockeys who have the initiative to work out a “Plan B” if things don’t go quite the way the trainer expected in the race! And we need our jockeys to give reliable assessments of the horse’s performance and provide good feedback about each run, to help us with future plans.

The jockeys below have done extremely well for us, winning races in the Amazing Racing silks. Their stats when riding our horses are pretty impressive too, so we intend to keep using them when we can!

Winning Jockeys

Rossa Ryan - 3 Wins
Joe Fanning - 2 Wins
Rob Hornby - 2 Wins
George Downing - 1 Win
Adam Kirby - 1 Win
Franny Norton - 1 Win
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