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Why join a partnership when I could buy my own horse?

Partnerships are fun, friendly, & more cost-effective. It costs well in excess of £20,000 a year to train, insure, transport and vet one horse. If you have that kind of budget it would still make more sense to increase your involvement and spread your risk by having shares in more than one horse.

How many people are there in each partnership?

No more than 10 people. We usually offer minimum 10% shareholdings, but are happy for people to purchase more than one share, up to a maximum of 50%. Occasionally we may offer a limited number of 5% shares in a partnership - if this is available it will be shown on the horse’s page.

Where will my horse go racing?

That will depend on wherever there are races that are suitable for your horse. The final decision will rest with the trainer, who is in the best position to judge which races we should enter – he is the professional and knows the horse better than anyone. Shareholders will of course be consulted about their preferences when we have multiple options.

How often will my horse run?

That's impossible to predict. Horses are not machines, and the recovery time required between races is different for each horse. We normally expect a horse to run between 8-12 races a season, but it could be less, or considerably more than that. Older horses usually run more often, if they are suited to the all-weather, as they will compete virtually all year round. Once again, the trainer will know how many races a horse can comfortably run, and when it needs a break. We always consider the well-being of the horse first and foremost.

Will my horse be a winner?

We obviously can't guarantee that, but we WILL guarantee that every effort is made to provide you with a winner. The fact that Amazing Racing retains a stake in each horse demonstrates that we are backing our judgement, and ensures that we have a vested interest in your horse – OUR horse – doing well. Any profit we make will come from the prize money we earn from our share of the horse.

What happens on race days?

Someone from Amazing Racing will normally be in attendance to coordinate things, and we will arrange for owners’ badges to be available for collection at the owners’ entrance. Partners can use the Owners & Trainers Bar, where we will normally meet up.  Most racecourses provide owners with light refreshments free of charge – but this can vary from just tea and coffee to a meal. You will also be able to enter the parade ring before the race and the winners enclosure if your horse wins or is placed. Most racecourses provide winning connections with a bottle of bubbly in a special room after the race.

What does the monthly fee cover?

All normal racing and training expenses! We use our experience to work out a budget for each horse, which will be based on the number of times we expect the horse to run. We know the trainer’s fees and can accurately estimate additional costs such as vet’s bills and blacksmiths. We have a good idea how many race entry fees and jockey fees we are likely to be paying, and can estimate the transport costs for taking your horse around the country to suitable races – which could be anywhere, so that is the tricky part. The monthly fee covers all of this and more, including registration costs and other fees charged by the British Horseracing Authority.

Will I ever be asked for more money if there is a shortfall?

No. If we exceed our budget, then we will cover those costs - you will never be asked for more than the fixed monthly fee. There are always some unexpected costs, so we can never be spot on, but we are not new to this, and we know that we will be close enough to the budget at the end of the year. It’s simple - we take the risk, so you don’t have to – you will receive no surprise bills!

Don't you charge a management fee?

No. Unlike other ownership groups, we never build in the cost of “management fees”, or any other hidden charges, and we don't draw any salaries from the money you pay. We do this because we love racing as much as you do, and have the expertise to share the experience!

Is there anything that is NOT included?

If we are lucky, and your horse is good enough to compete at the highest level either in the UK or abroad, the entry fees and transport costs budgeted for in the fixed monthly payment would not be adequate.

If our trainer recommends that we enter a top-class event either at home or abroad, shareholders will be consulted. If we all agree, the cost of a premium race entry, and/or foreign travel, will be deducted from the partnership’s prize money account.

We wouldn’t consider entering such races if the horse had not already performed well and won a decent level of prize money, so in these circumstances owners would not have reach for their wallets – costs would be covered by prize money already banked, and yes, it would reduce the prize money pool in the short term, but with the chance of winning an even bigger prize.

When will I get my prize money?

Any prize money won by your horse will be paid out annually, on the anniversary date, or as soon as practicable after that, if we are waiting for prize money due for the period to be credited to the partnership account at Weatherbys. This is usually credited two or three weeks after the race date.

How long do I keep the horse?

For a leasehold partnership, you own your share for the duration of the partnership term – generally 12 months – after which the horse will usually be returned to its original owner.

If you buy your share upfront, you will own your percentage of the horse for life, or at least until the horse is sold. We expect to campaign young horses for their two and three year old seasons, then send them to the sales. However, after each season we will consult with the trainer and assess the best way forward for the horse.

At this point we will consider whether to campaign the horse on the all-weather, or give it a winter break. Alternatively we may recommend selling the horse early, if there is the prospect of a significant profit on your purchase price, or if the animal has not lived up to expectations. All owners will be involved in that decision.

Who will keep me informed about my horse?

Amazing Racing will keep you informed by phone, email, or text and we can be contacted during reasonable hours if you want to discuss the latest plans for your horse. You should not contact the trainer directly – he won’t have time to have the same conversation 10 times with different owners.

Can I visit the yard to see my horse in training?

Our trainer is happy for owners to visit the stables to see the horses on the gallops, but always subject to his racing commitments, and advance notice is essential. Just give us a call at Amazing Racing if you wish to visit the yard, and we will set it up. 

Will I get "Inside Information" from the yard?

We  think that "inside information" should be kept “inside”. We respect the right of other owners in the yard to be able get their bets on at the best price, without the price being affected by bets from other people who aren't involved in their horse.

We do not run a tipping service - our sole purpose is to ensure you enjoy the ownership experience, and hopefully win a few races. From time to time your trainer may well be prepared to give you his opinion about the chances of his other runners, but that should not be why you join a partnership.

You will know everything you need to know about your own horse, and should be happy that it will not be shared with others if we have the opportunity to have a good bet ourselves!