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Own A Racehorse for Less Than You Think!

Have you always dreamed of owning a share in a racehorse “some day”? Why not make that day “today”? Our syndicates have seen like-minded people of all ages join us for an AMAZING journey as a racehorse owner! It doesn’t cost a fortune when you share the expenses as part of a small friendly syndicate. And our racehorses give you a realistic chance of visiting the winners enclosure!

You will enjoy plenty of social opportunities – at the racecourse, at the trainer’s yard, and beyond. You will meet up with new friends, share the excitement, enjoy the highs and lows, and build a real bond with YOUR racehorse. We offer a first-class managed experience, and you are kept fully informed about the welfare and racing plans of your horse.


We have an AMAZING track record of syndicating horses that actually win races! And if you like a bet, backing  our horses “blind” would have returned a profit EVERY YEAR since we started in 2015! How good is that?

We have proved that Racehorse Ownership isn’t just for the rich and famous, it’s for everyone, so you could soon be joining YOUR racehorse in the winners enclosure as part of an Amazing Racing Syndicate!


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