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Share The Costs Of Owning A Racehorse

Syndicates have become the most popular way to get involved in racehorse ownership. For most, the expense of outright ownership is way too high, and even long established owners often prefer to spread their outlay across a number of horses, to increase their chance of success, and reduce their overall risk.

So if you have always promised yourself a share in a racehorse “one day”, joining a syndicate could make that day “today”! Amazing Racing Syndicates let you enjoy the experience by sharing the expense with a small group of new friends and like-minded racing fans. People of all ages have already joined us on an AMAZING journey as racehorse owners, and you could too, as part of a small friendly syndicate.

We provide the opportunity for you to meet new friends, share the excitement, enjoy the highs and lows, and build a bond with YOUR horse as its career progresses. We offer a first-class managed experience, and you are kept fully informed about the welfare and racing plans of your horse.

If you want to get involved with a syndicate that has a real chance of visiting the winners enclosure, look no further than Amazing Racing!


We are VERY selective about horses we buy and have an AMAZING track record of syndicating horses that actually win races! We avoid the cheap horses that many start-up syndicates buy, which often have limited ability, though they all look great in the paddock!

It’s what they do on the racecourse that matters, and quality horses will triumph over hopeful optimism every time. Quite simply, our experience gives you a head start! And if you like a bet, backing  our horses “blind” would have returned a profit EVERY YEAR since 2015!

We are members of both the Racehorse Owners Association (ROA) and The Racehorse Syndicates Association (RSA), which promotes good practice within the racing industry. We conform to both the RSA’s Conditions of Membership and the BHA’s Code of Conduct for Syndicates.


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