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We started Amazing Racing in 2015, but we’ve been running successful racehorse syndicates for nearly 30 years. Experience counts, and fortunately have continued our winning ways under the Amazing Racing banner.

If you enjoy a day at the races, you will LOVE being there as an owner. It’s an amazing experience, and takes it to a whole new level. There’s nothing quite like being involved during the build up to the race, meeting your trainer and jockey in the parade ring, and watching your own horse perform. It’s always great, but when your horse wins, it is just AMAZING – that’s the reason for our name!!


We decided to keep our racehorse syndicates small and manageable, so that everyone has a meaningful percentage share, not a tiny fraction! We try to treat owners as friends, not just customers, but still maintain a professional, informative, and honest relationship with everyone in the syndicate.

It all helps you to enjoy the experience of being a racehorse owner. We do our best to ensure you have great days out at the races, and though we can’t guarantee your racehorse will win, we can guarantee that we’ll work hard with our trainers to give you the best possible chance of a visit to the winner’s enclosure! As an owner, you can also visit the stables more or less when you like – subject to the trainer’s availability. You don’t have to wait for organised group visits!


We have an excellent track record in buying comparatively inexpensive racehorses that actually win races. Of course, we also send them to the right trainers who will get the best out of them! We think our record speaks for itself.

It all comes down to experience. After many years of buying racehorses, we’ve learned which horses to buy and which to avoid. Joining an Amazing Racing syndicate really DOES increase the chance of your horse being successful on the racecourse!


We keep owners fully informed with regular updates about race plans, and news from racehorse trainers, about the progress of your horse in training.

On race days, we will arrange for owners badges to be ready for collection from the Owners & Trainers entrance. One of us will normally be there to meet you and help you enjoy the day. You can chat to the trainer and jockey before the race, then afterwards get their feedback first-hand. Hopefully you can also be involved in the trophy presentation!

Our weekly reports about your horse will always be honest and realistic. If your horse picks up an injury, or is not performing as if it can win races, we will discuss options with you as soon as possible and agree the best way forward. We have a strict policy of “No Bull@#it”!

If things go as well as we expect, we will campaign your horse at the highest possible level, and give you the opportunity to visit top venues around the country.

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